We deliver  innovative IT solutions (web , mobile and offline applications) that help you build and grow your business or organization. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software include Membership/Staff Database Management, Attendance Management, Digital Payment and Membership Fees Collection Management Systems, Financial Management, Employee Productivity Tracking System, School Management and Bulk SMS/Bulk Voice Call Messaging Systems, etc.

About Us

Akwaaba Solutions is a tech company that specializes in tailored and innovative software applications.

We develop custom solutions for clients and we also provide off-the-shelf software on subscription-bases for clients. This means you don’t need to pay a fortune to get a full suite of the software. Pay the minimum you can afford to get started.

Our platforms come with integrated bulk SMS/Voice  and digital payment platforms (Visa/MoMo/ussd)

Our off-the-shelf software come in both progressive web app (offline/online) and mobile app ( android/IOS).

We also develop custom websites and applications based on the specifications of the for clients.

Our customer services are second to none. We offer premium customer service support. Our service charges are affordable and negotiable. 

Akwaaba Solutions is a subsidiary of Click Communications Limited and it is certified by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana.

We are committed to developing IT Solutions designed to help your organization effectively manage your customers (staff, members etc) and offer a unique and seamless experience, building better relationships with your customers , keeping track of your business activities and facilitating working collaboration between various teams.

Today, technology is driving every facet of human life.  Using the right IT tools for your business or organization reduces cost, time, stress, and operational inefficiencies.

This is why smart and forward-thinking businesses and organizations are shifting away from the traditional way of doing things to IT-enabled solutions. 

Our prime objective is to develop innovative solutions that will help you digitize your operations and to manage your organization’s data/information seamlessly.

Akwaaba Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your CRM solutions. Our software applications are user-friendly, highly secure, scalable and affordable.

Do you run an Association, NGO, Business ,School, Recruitment Agency or a Religious Organization?

Do you have challenges with managing your membership/staff records/data, programing events, tracking attendance, collecting fees and tracking payments?

Don’t be old-fashioned, it’s time to go digital sign up for Akwaaba Solutions. Call us now for a quotation and demonstration.

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