Who We Are

We provide tailored and innovative digital solutions including web applications, communications, membership database and attendance management systems, digital payments, recruitment and customer service solutions and more.

We deliver innovative web and mobile solutions for membership-based organizations and businesses. Our IT Solutions provide entry and data storage, and data analysis aimed at enhancing your organization’s ability to pull and analyze data of your organization’s membership/staff/student  including attendance management, Customer complaints and feedback solutions; employee  performance tracking systems among others to help you make data-driven decisions.

Our solutions are scalable and we provide 24/7 technical support to our valued clients. 

Self-Service: All our software are self-service; you can easily create your account by completing the account registration form and pay seamlessly for subscription fees directly on your account dashboard. It’s so simple!

System Training: Akwaaba Solutions organizes special online and onsite training for its clients at a minimal cost. We also organize periodic refresher training at no cost to our existing clients. 

Client Support & System Maintenance: We do sign a service contract agreement with our clients to provide data security, 24/7 service support, and system maintenance. Our technical and Customer support team is always available to offer assistance.

Our Services

Bulk SMS & Voice Call tion

Experience the speed, convenience, innovation and cost-effective way to communicate with your targeted audiences using Nstacom integrated SMS, webmail and voice call services. Nstacom gives you the flexibility and convenience to choose which communication medium best fit your pocket and campaign strategy,

Digital Payment Systems

We also provide digital payment services. You can pay for our services using our Mobile Money, USSD and card payment platforms. We offer online and offline payment integration services (Online Mobile Money, Card and USSD payment options). They are Secure and can be linked to your bank account or Mobile Money wallet to receive payments.

Software & App Development

Among our flagship digital solutions include E-Clocking App (Attending Management Android App). Plusdatabase (Membership Data Management Software), Duty Tracker App (Employee Work performance tracking app) Recruiter App (Recruitment Application), Customer Service App and more.

Some of Our Cherished Clients