Akwaaba App is an all-in-one HR Management Solution. useful for effective management of your Business, School, Church and for any membership-based organization. It’s reliable, customizable, highly secure and affordable with user/admin-friendly dashboards. Akwaaba is a cloud-based software which comes in web, android and iOS applications.

In this era of technology and digitization, you need Akwaaba Software to seamlessly increase productivity, simplify membership management, collect membership dues/fees and communicate/engage effectively with your members.

It has several modules including Membership Data Management, Dues/Fees Collection Solution with integrated Mobile Money/Card payment system, Bulk SMS/Voice/Whatasapp/Email messaging Solution, Attendance Clocking System, Events Management, School Management Solution, Staff Performance Tracker and more.

Depending on your need, you can sign up and choose the modules you want.

Akwaaba App can be rebranded and customized for your organization; note, terms and conditions apply.  You are guaranteed absolute convenience, data security and privacy protection.

Akwaaba Solutions is certified by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana. We offer technical support and maintenance services, including periodic training for our clients plus 24/7 customer support.

Below are some of the Akwaaba Modules



Our Database module is designed to handle any issues with membership/staff records. It comes with the following features and more:

  • Option to create branches, categories, groups/departments and subgroups/units
  • It’s easy to register in bulk all exiting members whose data are in excel format.
  • You can generate a weblink (url) for new members to register directly online.
  • You can easily assign members to respective branches and other groupings.
  • Option to create and assign Members with unique IDs numbers
  • Option to filter the membership data by branch, group, subgroup, gender, country, region, district, constituency, profession, occupation, disability, marital status etc and download data in excel or pdf.
  • Option to easily update and retrieve employees/members’ records.
  • Option to assign unlimited administrators with different access levels
  • Option to register members in bulk using an excel template and many more.


Our smart attendance management system comes with options for managers of the Companies/Organizations to track attendance of members/staff to work/meetings on one common platform. You can remotely access daily, monthly and yearly attendance records of all members or employees in your various branches anywhere, just by a click of a button.

  1. Mobile Clocking App (Web/Android/iOS) : The mobile app is location sensitive and device specific; meaning that one cannot clock in and clock out attendance outside the work/meeting premises and every user/staff is restricted to clock attendance on his own smartphone. Nobody can clock in for another person  except the admin.
  2. Multiple Location Setting: It comes with option to schedule meetings for different locations and manage all on one account. For example if a company has multiple branches, they can set up the attendance clocking for each branch at locations to track staff attendance records. It is carefully designed to eliminate any possibility of one cheating the system and aimed at enhancing productivity.

  1. User Notification: The Clocking App is programmed to send notifications to users when it is about 2hrs, 1hr and 30min to the reporting time.
  2. Admin Dashboard: It provides a dashboard for the admin users to conveniently monitor staff punctuality, lateness, absentees, attendees, overtime, and to track when the user was last seen. It also comes with several filtering features to pull data and download attendance report in PDF and Excel file.


This is an integrated Bulk SMS/ Bulk Voice messaging systems which enables you to communicate effectively with your members and external stakeholders. It comes with options to send targeted and personalized messages to specific individuals, groups etc.

It also comes with option to schedule your messages and to track delivery report.



The Cash Manager module provides convenient and effective solution for creating and assigning invoices to various membership groupings/categories, collection of membership dues /fees through an integrated Mobile Money and Card payment solution with is linked to your organization’s bank account. When a member makes payment, a confirmation message is sent to the member with an attached automated receipt. The member can view payment history and check his outstanding dues on his membership account.

The platform allows members to make part-payment or full payment of their membership dues. It also comes with option to collect direct cash from members and enter it into the system using the offline payment system option.

The system has a dashboard that gives you real-time financial report of projected revenue, how much has been collected, how much is in arrears etc. It comes with more filtering options to pull daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly statistical report on specific membership dues etc, and option to download the data. The platform comes with integrated SMS and Email which sends reminders to defaulting members.


  1. This will improve transparency and accountability
  2. Convenience for members to pay their membership dues/fees
  3. Easy to track defaulting members, send reminders
  4. Keep accurate records membership dues with option to update records


This feature enables you to schedule all your programs and activities for the year and beyond on the app.

Users can check the event and meeting calendar to know upcoming events and details about the event. Users of the app get notified of upcoming events.



Our School App has all the solutions for effective running of  any types of educational institution. It comes with the several useful features including the following:

  1. Option to create and assign students/pupils to their respect classes/levels and courses/subjects
  2. Option to assign teachers/lecturers to their respective classes and courses/subjects
  3. Option to create assessment types ( homework, classwork, exams etc) and enter assessment scores/marks
  4. Option to create year groups and terms/semesters with option to create archive for past students
  5. Option to create and set the exams score formula, create grades, etc.
  6. Option for teachers to easily mark class work/exams and enter the marks on their smart phone, laptop and by entering the marks on am excel template and upload it on the system.
  7. Option to customize the exams report form to suite your school’s examination report form.
  8. Option for students and parents to access assigned homework , class work and exams report on a student’s mobile app account.
  9. Both students and parents will receive SMS notification when the exams report is submitted and they can download it in pdf format.
  10. The School App enables parent to track the time their wards reported at school, the subjects their wards studied for the day, class work and homework, know the subject and course/subject tutors,
  11. Parents will receive notification of their total outstanding school fees, amount paid and the amount in arrears, etc.
  12. Parents can pay their wards school feels on the app using Mobile Money or Card payment
  13. It comes with an online examination platform where the tutor can set all types of question ( objective and written questions). It comes with option to schedule the exams question form by setting the date, start and end time, such that once the end time is due, the questions form will automatically submit and provide the score for the student.
  14. It also come with option for tutors to post class assignment and notes which the students can access them on the app.
  15. It also comes with a feature that enables the tutor to prepare and submit his/her lesson notes virtually for assessment by the headteacher/master.


This module basically makes it easy for managers and supervisor to assign duties to staff. A notification message is triggered to the staff on the mobile app alerting the user he/she has been assigned duties with options to view details of the duties and submit a report after close of work. The manager / supervisor can assess every staff based on they work output and validate their performance monthly before payment of salaries. This software will help improve productivity and growth, expose idle and unproductive staff and to reward hardworking staff.


Our prices are based on the membership of the organization, and they are unbelievably the lowest you can get on the open market. It comes with a flexible payment plan that allows you to get started with what you can reasonably afford. We also offer different payment arrangements or terms for large membership organizations particularly membership fees/dues collection organizations.


Our sign up process is very simple. It takes less than 10min to complete the account registration and modules subscription process. You can also contact us to assist you with the sign up registration processes and to manage your account for you. You can also request a demo to have a feel of Akwaaba Software today.