Our IT Solutions are efficient and inexpensive. We can customize the application to suit your brand colors/logo, and can be hosted on your own hosting account to give you full control in managing your account data. 

Duty Tracking System:

This application is designed for companies and businesses to helps track the work output of their staff. It is designed to assign daily specific work/duties to staff and to measure their work performance.

This is aimed at ensuring that no staff is cheating the system. It comes with unique features such as staff work reports, supervisor’s remarks, tracking and approving staff overtime, and more. It comes in both web and android app.

Membership Database App:

Our membership database is the best you can get on the market. It comes in android App, Web, and Offline. It’s called PLUSDATABASE. It has all the solutions you need for effective member data management.

It comes with integrated SMS and Voice Call systems including, File Manage for storing your files (video, photos, and documents), Dues Records Management, Reminder, appointment, and option to create your custom registration form, bulk registration using excel template, generate your registration URL, create and assign unique IDs for members, more data filtering and downloadable options (excel/pdf).

Recruitment App:

This app is called GH-Forms, and it’s designed mainly for Recruitment Agencies but it can also be used by any individual or organization that wishes to send out questionnaires or application forms to a specific group or the general public to gather data.

The App has similar features like google forms where you can design your form with featured images and form description; but the difference here is that this application comes with integrated locations of Ghana (Region, District, Constituency, and Electoral Areas).

Financial Management App:

This is both web and offline financial accounting app that allows you to prepare a budget, make entries for receipts, incomes, and expenses. It provides financial reporting. The report can be filtered yearly, quarterly or monthly with the option to download the report in excel or pdf. It also comes with the option to add admin users.

Communication & Customer Service App

Bulk SMS: Our SMS platform is user-friendly and has innovative features. It’s fast with high delivery rate. You can schedule messages or reminders and the system will automatically send the message to your members/ recipients exactly the date and time you set for it. Our SMS credit rates are the cheapest on the market. You can purchase SMS credit on the platform with mobile money.

Bulk Voice Call: Our bulk voice call system is unmatched as it provides two-way traffic communication. When you send a blast/call and any of the recipients missed the call, the recorded audio message plays back when the recipient dials the number. You can schedule your voice messages or reminders and the system will automatically send the call to your members/ recipients exactly the date and time you set for it. You can record a maximum of 1min: 30 sec audio message and blast it the call to unlimited phone numbers. Our Voice Call credit rates are the cheapest on the market. You can purchase voice credit on the platform with mobile money.

Bulk Webmail: This service enables you to send voice, video and document files to unlimited phone numbers through an innovative messaging system which does not require email or whatsapp number of the recipient. Recipients of nstacom webmail messages can share the message on facebook or whatsapp and can contact the sender via whatsapp link.

Customer Service App: This is designed for schools, churches, businesses, and public organizations with functionalities to track customer complaints and feedback. It provides both online and offline platform to engage with your customers.

 We also USSD and Online payment (Mobile Money & Visa Card) platforms for Churches, Businesses, Groups & Organizations. Our platforms are Bank of Ghana approved and it is very secure. 

Our USSD/Online payment platforms help you to receive mobile payments across all networks in one account with is connected to your bank account or mobile money account. The USSD account comes with no shortcode rentals and transaction charges are normal as what you pay on the mobile networks.