Membership Database App

Our membership database is the best you can get on the market. It comes in android App, Web, and Offline. It’s called AKWAABA DATABASE. It has all the solutions you need to effectively manage your Organization’s membership data. It comes with integrated SMS and Voice Call systems including, File Manage for storing your files (video, photos, and documents), Dues Records Management, Reminder, appointment, and option to create your custom registration form, bulk registration using excel template, generate your registration URL, create and assign unique IDs for members, more data filtering and downloadable options (excel/pdf)


 This is one of the 3 member registration options on the database. It is the fastest and easiest method. You only have to download the excel template from your account and complete a few information of your members and upload the file to register all at a go. This is to get your members to start using the attendance clocking app while you take your time to update their information.

Options to create various groups and subgroups, and assign member to their respective groups or subgroups

Option to create customized ID numbers and to set it as your prefix ID. They system will automatically assign the prefix ID to all the members.

The database system comes with several options to filter data by gender, location, marital status, educational status, age bracket (Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Old Adults, Aged etc and download them in excel or pdf.

The system provides several options to pull data, including filtering the data by gender, location, marital status, educational status, age bracket (Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Old Adults, Aged etc.

This feature enables you to create archive folders and move members who are longer active members into them. For example, you can create a folder for Deceased Members, Transferred Members etc

You can easily edit/update each member profile or delete records from the database

You can easily register visitors, update or download visitors’ records

You can schedule to send SMS or Voice Call notification to members to prompt them about an impending event. It also comes with option to book appointments.

It comes with integrated Bulk SMS, Multimedia and Bulk Voice Call messaging system. You can send SMS, normal voice call and can also share video, audio, document etc to unlimited contacts. The voice call is such that if the recipient missed the call and dials the number (Vodafone number), the recorded message will play back. The system automatically also sends a repeat of the message to all numbers that were busy or switched off after one hour.

This feature enables you to create all forms of dues collections in your organization or church. It makes it easier to effectively manage collections and pull records on each members. It also comes with integrated digital payment system including USSD for Mobile Money and Card Payments for members to easily pay their dues.

The system send’s birthday message to a member or visitor who is celebrating his or her birthday via SMS or Email. This is a sample of visitor’s birthday notification message. “Hi Victor Mensah, the leadership and entire members of ICGC-Osu branch wish you a happy birthday. It is our prayer that God will prosper and grant you long life. We also wish to thank you for visiting us on 02-Feb-2021. We look forward to seeing you again.”        

 Just like your computer, this feature enables you to create folders and sub folders to securely save and easily your files on any internet device at anytime and anywhere. It comes with easy search, download and option to move files to archive, etc.

PLUSDATABASE is both online and offline versions which are integrated. This makes it convenient for you to work in your offline account and later connect to the internet to update/save your entries on the online account

This features is designed for organization or churches that have branches. It allows you to create account for each of your branches and gives you easy access to any of the branch accounts for information without any login restrictions. It also makes it easy to send targeted SMS or voice call messages to all the members, check attendance, membership records etc. in your branches.

We can rebrand your account in the colors of your organization and add any additional feature per your specification. Besides we can use your own domain (web address) and host the data in your own account to give you total control. Terms and conditions apply.

You can add new admin users to your account and restrict them from accessing selected areas of the database or grant them unlimited access.

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