Your Church Management Simplified

In this age of technology and digitization, your church needs a mobile app that makes it easy to manage and improve your church administration.

 Akwaaba is your all-in-one church management digital solution. 

With Akwaaba you can easily access your church records, just by a click of a button on your phone.



Below are the innovative features and solutions that Akwaaba offers you.

1.  Easy to register all your members with the option to assign them to their respective groups and to filter your church data to get the following statistics:

 a. Exact total number and percentage of children, teenagers, young adults, older adults, and the aged in your church.

b. Statistics on the growth difference/rate of your membership between two specified dates/periods.

 c. Total number of active and inactive members

 2. The statistics will help you to make data-driven decisions for strategic planning for your church.

 3. Easily pull information on each member with the option to update the member’s information.

 4. Members, church administrators, and church leaders can download the Akwaaba from Google Playstore.

 This makes it easy for church leaders and admin users  to easily engage members effectively on the Akwaaba App beyond church meeting days:

a.  Option to post sermons and devotional messages.

 b. Option to post announcements and reminders to either all members or specific groups in the church. It comes with an option for members to comment on the post.

 d. Easy to schedule all your general meetings and group-specific meetings for members to see on the app.

 f. Members will get repeated alerts on the Akwaaba App to notify them when church meeting is starting in 2hrs, in 1hr and in 30min.

 g. Members will get repeated alerts prompting them to clock in when they get to the church premises. (The App is location sensitive, meaning no member can clock in outside the church premises)

 h. A member who may not be able to attend a meeting can send an excuse or a message on the app to church leaders.

i. Easy for ushers, admin users and church leaders to clock in for members who do not have smartphones

j. Option to post-clock for a member who was present but was not clocked in. To post-clock for a member, you select the member,  date and time, and clock in.

 5. Easy to know the exact total number of members present at a particular church service/meeting in real-time, with the option to view the exact time each member arrived at church even when you at home while the meeting is going on.

 6. Easy to filter attendance records to know the number of times a member has attended church meetings within the year, and when he was last seen at church.

 7. Easy to know all your church members by name and by face.

 8. Easy to filter to view active and inactive church members, with an option to send  SMS or prerecorded voice call to them.

 9. Option to contact members individually on the Akwaaba App through these integrated messaging platforms:  Email, Phone Call, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. (This saves you from the stress of saving phone numbers of all your members on your phone).

 10. Option to send bulk SMS and Bulk voice call to your members.

 11. Easily register all your visitors and prospects and an automated “thank you” message will be sent to them as soon as the registration form is submitted.

 12. Easily transform your paper-based records into digitized files and have them saved on the cloud. This makes it easy for you to access church documents anywhere and anytime on your phone.

 13. Easily manage your church financial records with the option to filter monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports.  

 14. Get notified when a member is celebrating his or her birthday with the option to send your birthday wishes via webmail, phone call, or Whatsapp.

Be part of the digital revolution now.

Sign up and get 30 days FREE TRIAL plus flexible payment arrangement.

 After the 30 days trial if you are not satisfied with the app we will give you 100% refund.( Terms & Conditions Apply)

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Comparing Akwaaba (cloud-based) to Paper-based records management, it’s clear that Akwaaba App:

  1. Saves you time ( quick to update and retrieve information)
  2. Saves you stress and inconveniences ( search for information from a piled up files)
  3. Saves you money (cost of stationaries, printing, shelves etc)
  4. Saves you the high risk of losing valuable records through fire, moisture, theft etc .

 As a church leader, if you know how to use or navigate your way through whatapp and Facebook then you can use the Akwaaba app. it’s user-friendly. You just need a little guidance.

AKWAABA is highly Secure, Reliable and Affordable.

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